Polytec adds spectral X-ray cameras to its imaging portfolio


An X-ray camera from Advacam (photo: Polytec)
An X-ray camera from Advacam (photo: Polytec)

Polytec GmbH (Waldbronn, Germany) now offers spectral X-ray cameras from the Czech-Finnish manufacturer Advacam. The cameras are directly converting single photon counting pixel detectors and should represent the top of the current radiation image technology. The detector technology was developed in international cooperation under the direction of CERN.

Using single photon counting, every single photon of the X-ray radiation detected in a pixel is counted and its energy determined. Compared to conventional X-ray imaging, the technology has three major advantages: higher contrast, significantly sharper images and spectral information of the X-rays, which enable analysis of the material composition of the sample.

Digital Time Delayed Integration (DTDI) also enables continuous scanning of samples at object speeds of more than ten meters per second. In addition to X-ray microscopy, X-ray crystallography and other research and laboratory applications, the cameras offer great potential for non-destructive material testing. They also detect defects such as delamination, porosity, foreign bodies and microcracks in high resolution composite materials that are difficult to detect.

Polytec offers application consulting, feasibility studies, sales and service for all Advacam cameras in German-speaking countries.