PFC Premium Film Company
Extended range for more sustainability

06.09.2019 PFC Premium Film Company GmbH is expanding its product range with four Eco-Star films that are ecologically sustainable and at the same time meet all the requirements of the lamination and packaging market. All four products are manufactured from sustainable raw materials - with constant protection and processing options.

Ecologically sustainable and attractive at the same time – PFC expands its range with four Eco-Star films.
© Photo: PFC
Ecologically sustainable and attractive at the same time – PFC expands its range with four Eco-Star films.

"The subject of the environment affects us all," emphasises Heike Lammers, head of the Hamburg specialist for laminating, effect and packaging films. "Our industry, too, must not neglect its responsibility." At the same time, the manufacturer keeps an eye on the high demands of its customers. Eco Star is therefore now available in four variants: Eco Star matt, Eco Star gloss, Eco Star metallized and Eco Star X-treme matt.

Versatile thanks to robust, scratch-resistant surface

All Eco Star films are exceptionally scratch resistant. The customer decides which effect the film of his product should have, regardless of whether it is glossy, matt, extremely matt or metallized. While customers used to have to choose between scratch-resistant and matt film, X-treme matt now offers both. Fingerprints remain invisible, even on dark colours, which are mainly used for high-quality products because of their noble effect. The feeling of luxury in perfumes and cosmetics as well as in tobacco, wine and champagne can be conveyed by the appearance and feel of the packaging itself.

Safe protection – for packaging and the environment

The highlight: The base film consists of 100 percent cellulose, i.e. wood fibre. Functionally, the Eco-Star family offers the same protection as before. It is also perfect for further processing. The surface tension of 42 Dyn provides optimum conditions for this. The Eco Stars can be printed, embossed and spot varnished using both offset and screen printing processes. In short: they are ideal for finishing.

Book publishers have long since discovered this environmentally conscious variant. "Demand is rising continuously," says Heike Lammers. With a metallized film like "Eco Star metallized", books and other products can be provided with impressive effects, regardless of whether the cover is to glow neon-coloured or shimmer softly. The book receives a lot of attention in a refreshing way.

X-treme scratch-resistant gloss

The "X-treme scratch-resistant gloss" completes the range with a film on which no scratches at all occur anymore. With a gloss level of almost 90 gloss points at a measuring angle of 60 degrees and a beautiful, homogeneous surface, the OPP film also provides an exclusive effect – with a thickness of 18my and a laboratory-measured surface tension greater than 37 Dyn. It can not only be glued and embossed as usual. Its productivity in further processing can even be increased by up to 25 percent.

Even though the X-treme gloss is not made of cellulose, it is an ecological alternative to conventional films. Because it looks very robust and luxurious, manufacturers of luxury brands can completely dispense with an additional packaging film around the cardboard box. This saves costs and packaging material. Brochures are another application example. Here the manufacturers can dispense with cut-outs when gluing. In this way, the effort and material required can also be reduced.