New features for the regi_star 20 register control system from BST eltromat


regi_commander from BST eltromat (photo: BST eltromat)
regi_commander from BST eltromat (photo: BST eltromat)

BST eltromat International GmbH (Bielefeld, Germany) has extended the functionality of its regi_star 20 register control system by adding two innovative features: RegiTouch and regi_commander. The two solutions make register control in flexo and gravure printing easier for machine operators, speed up the set-up process, and reduce waste.

With RegiTouch machine operators can quickly and easily move the register marks for the printing units which need to be guided to the required positions either during make-ready or after non-format-related roll changes. All operators need to do is select the register marks for the individual colours on the regi_star 20 touchscreen and move them into a defined area. As soon as the marks are in this area, regi_star 20 detects them and sets the register. This simple principle alone makes the semi-automatic option worthy of its stellar name. RegiTouch even works when the machine stands still. This means that no materials need to be run through the printing machine while the machine operator is setting the register, thus significantly reducing the amount of waste generated during start-up. This can be a huge advantage in terms of costs, especially when processing expensive substrates such as those used in packaging, decorative and security printing.

The intuitive and easy-to-operate regi_commander acts as a remote control for the regi_star 20 register control system. It is installed at the printing units or at the tool stations of printing machines. This option is designed to shorten the distances the operator has to travel, especially during print set-up. The regi_commander’s 4.3-inch control panel gives machine operators convenient access to all the important control functions and allows them to adjust register deviations quickly. On the colour display, which has touchscreen functionality, you can see the current register deviations and the trends of the deviations over the past few minutes at a glance.

The regi_commander displays the data as both numbers and graphs on its control panel – just like the regi_star 20. If the register deviations exceed the specified tolerances or if errors occur during mark detection, the system warns the machine operators by displaying corresponding alarms on the colour display. “The regi_commander is the first product that allows machine operators to view transparent register control results and causes of deviations directly at the printing units,” says Dieter Jochmann, product manager for Register Control at BST eltromat, about the benefits of this innovative option for the regi_star 20 register control system.

In addition to this, regi_star 20 also offers a new backup and restore function for job and system data. The system can be flexibly adapted to suit individual customer requirements and has an open-ended design to accommodate future requirements.