Monta brings new “low-noise” adhesive tapes on the market


A transparent "low-noise" adhesive tape from monta
A transparent "low-noise" adhesive tape from monta

Monta Klebebandwerk GmbH (Immenstadt, Germany) has launched a series of new BOPP natural rubber adhesive tapes, which are reported to include special low-noise properties.

Low-noise BOPP tapes with natural rubber combine a stable carrier material with a special adhesive formulation based on natural rubber. In contrast to acrylate adhesives, they do not only wet the surface, but penetrate into the material and enclose the fibres of the board. Thus, monta BOPP natural rubber “low-noise” adhesive tapes also work in demanding situations.

The low-noise tapes are especially suited for areas, where many goods are packed, as well as offices, where it is supposed to be quiet. They boast high adhesive force and safe carton sealing properties. Noise is detrimental to the working environment, reduces concentration and can even cause stress. The monta tapes are therefore said to be a good investment in a comfortable working environment.

The “low-noise” offering of the company from Immenstadt includes monta pack 310 with a 32µm BOPP film and 21g of specialty natural rubber adhesive, as well as monta pack 315 with a 35µm BOPP film and 22g of specialty natural rubber adhesive.