Innovative sleeve packaging from Follmann enables scented coatings in the cosmetics industry


Scented coatings from Follmann are now available for cosmetics packaging (photo: Follmann)
Scented coatings from Follmann are now available for cosmetics packaging (photo: Follmann)

With the scented coatings from Follmann GmbH & Co. KG (Minden, Germany), it is now possible to trigger olfactory stimuli exactly upon contact with the accordingly coated area of the packaging. The scented coatings release the previously micro-encapsulated scent after being touched. This original scent presentation of the perfume does not only replace the expensive scent sampling, but also prevents damages on the packaging and product, which may arise through the testing of the end consumer. The technology can be used in either sheet offset, or flexo and screen printing. This opens up new opportunities for packaging design and print.

The Swiss Model Group has developed packaging for the cosmetics and perfume industry that includes Follmann’s scented coatings. The product range will be introduced to a larger trade audience for the first time at the Luxe Pack from 2 to 4 October 2017 in Monaco. The innovative solution makes Follmann’s scented coatings also interesting for packaging in these sectors thanks to the usage of an additional sleeve, as cosmetics and perfume packaging is usually foil wrapped.

At the oil-based FOLCO SCENT scented coatings from Follmann, the scent that is identical with the content, is packed into microscopically small globules and hermetically conserved. The scented coating can then be printed directly onto mailings, flyers, magazine pages or even packaging materials. Upon touching the coated area, the micro-capsules are destroyed and the fragrance is released.

The Model Kramp GmbH, which is a part of Model Group, developed a packaging design that is ideal for cosmetics and perfectly emphasises the scented coatings from Follmann. The folding carton receives an additional wrapping with a sleeve. This one boasts the contours of the flacon with a relief embossing. In the lower part of the embossing, Follmann’s scented coating can be found. Contact with the according spot will release the micro-encapsulated fragrance.