INNO Tape GmbH trusts in EcoStretchRoll from DRECKSHAGE


Winding result with EcoStretchRoll (photo: Dreckshage)
Winding result with EcoStretchRoll (photo: Dreckshage)

The EcoStretchRoll from August Dreckshage GmbH & Co. KG (Bielefeld, Germany) is used in the most diverse applications and with the most diverse materials. Users can produce and process films as well as nonwovens, textiles or paper with the same spreader roll. INNO TAPE GmbH (Alfeld, Germany) also relies on this technology.

As a converter, the company purchases self-adhesive materials from well-known manufacturers and processes them according to customer requirements. In order to achieve a perfect end result, all materials to be processed must be perfectly prepared. The experts at INNO TAPE prepare an adhesive tape with carrier for the cutting process on one of their winding machines. This is wound to a specific length according to the customer's requirements.

"In the past, we encountered problems with a material time and again. The defective winding by our supplier was not sufficient for our processes," reports René Tschorn, production process development at INNO TAPE. "Unfortunately, this only became noticeable after cutting, with air pockets and telescoped rollers. Our customer could not process rolls with this error pattern."

In order to achieve a better end result, the material had to be rewound beforehand. However, it was also clear that this alone would not be sufficient to get the air out of the material without wrinkling. DRECKSHAGE offered its support and delivered an EcoStretchRoll in the appropriate width in the shortest possible time, which could be easily and effortlessly integrated into the system. Perfectly wound rolls without air pockets were the result.

"Since from now on other tensions can also be used, we now have an optimum winding quality and the result is a perfect end result after cutting," says Tschorn.