Hop-Syn Blockout Synthetic Paper is claimed to be the market’s most economical, environmentally-friendly substrate


Hop-Syn TO is opaque and especially durable (photo: Hop Industries)
Hop-Syn TO is opaque and especially durable (photo: Hop Industries)

Hop Industries (Lyndhurst, New Jersey), manufacturer of the durable Hop-Syn synthetic paper, announces that its TO synthetic paper grade is the market’s most economical and environmentally friendly blockout substrate available today. Hop-Syn TO, an opaque durable synthetic paper, is used by retailers across the US for vivid point-of-purchase displays, banners, window posters, and more. In comparison to PVC and laminated blockout alternatives, Hop-Syn TO costs up to 30% less and is free of toxins, heavy metals and stearates.

“When given the option, retailers and their print partners choose environmentally-friendly substrates like Hop-Syn synthetic paper, especially when the print quality is superior and the price point is better than other durable substrates,” comments Jack Smith, senior vice president, Hop Industries.

Hop-Syn TO is a leading blockout substrate used by big brands and their print partners. Retailers request it for their double sided point-of-purchase displays and in-store promotions. Print partners value its high dyne level and clay composition, which makes it easy to print via offset, screen, latex, LED or UV inkjet. Hop-Syn’s smooth matte finish ensures thorough ink absorption and prevents scuffing, scratching and cracking when exposed to direct sunlight — up to one year outdoors.

Hop-Syn TO is made from a mixture of polypropylene resin and calcium carbonate. The synthetic paper is durable, tear resistant, and can be easily die-cut, sewn and grommeted, without any pretreatment or lamination. Hop-Syn TO comes in a wide range of roll widths and sheet sizes.