Henkel emphasises safety and sustainability as factors for success in the packaging industry


Products with Henkel's Loctite Liofol hot sealing coat
Products with Henkel's Loctite Liofol hot sealing coat

For Henkel AG, based in Düsseldorf, Germany, safety and sustainability in packaging are a multi-faceted topic, which cannot be treated in isolation from questions of process efficiency. Therefore, Henkel provides adhesive solutions for its customers that pay dividends to this fact and enable product innovations at the same time.

One example for this is Henkel’s new hot sealing coat Loctite Liofol HS 1138, which will be presented at the tradeshow FachPack in Nuremberg, Germany, at the end of September. It was developed for the production of transparent lids for thermo-formed trays in the field of fresh food. Conventional lids have usually been manufactured from two different films that are bonded together. Loctite Liofol HS 1138 only requires one layer. This not only reduces the amount of required packaging material; the new hot seal coat moreover offers permanent transparency, as the formation of droplets can be prevented. Simultaneously, the lid can be opened easily, without tearing apart the film. By reducing the required films, material consumption is lowered – a lighter packaging with less waste is the result.