H.B. Fuller presents Lunamelt PS 4015 for courier bags and tapes at Labelexpo India 2018


H.B. Fuller's lab in Lüneburg, Germany (photo: H.B. Fuller)
H.B. Fuller's lab in Lüneburg, Germany (photo: H.B. Fuller)

H. B. Fuller Europe GmbH (Zurich, Switzerland) introduces to the Indian market a versatile, fast bonding and high performance hot melt PSA that can be applied to a variety of substrates.

In today’s globally-connected world of trade, courier bags have become a very important mode of delivery. The need for safe, secure and tamper-proof courier bags also has increased manifold as the e-commerce industry continues to grow, which is of special significance in India with 374 million internet subscribers and 1.17 billion mobile subscribers.

Contributing to the safety and effectiveness of courier bags, H.B. Fuller is excited to showcase LunameltTM PS 4015 sealing adhesive at the upcoming Labelexpo India 2018. This hot melt adhesive has been designed by its team of experts based in the Lüneburg Adhesive Academy, the company’s Centre of Excellence for hot melt technology in Germany, and is now manufactured in the Pune, India, facility. Lunamelt PS 4015 is reported to be ideally suited to the unique Indian climate and conditions and delivers excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates, including foamed polystyrene, aluminium, paper and rock wool. Developed for self-adhesive bonding of PE courier bags and for tape applications, this HMPSA is said to combine excellent tack and adhesion properties with high cohesion and high temperature resistance This makes Lunamelt PS 4015 the ideal product for quick closing of courier bags, keeping them securely shut during transit, and also suitable for any tape or label product that requires high tack and quick grab.