GEW showcases new LED UV system at InPrint 2017 in Munich


GEW's LW2 LED UV system (photo: GEW)
GEW's LW2 LED UV system (photo: GEW)

At InPrint 2017 in Munich, Germany, the tradeshow for industrial printing technologies, GEW (EC) Limited from Sussex, UK, will display its proven range of arc lamp and LED UV curing systems for printing and coating applications available in widths from 10cm up to 2.5m from a single lamp. GEW UV systems are reported to be robust, versatile systems widely used for applications in the inkjet and industrial printing industries. The UV experts from GEW have now unveiled their latest LED UV lamp, which is, according to the company, the most powerful of these systems on the market.

GEW’s patented LED UV curing solutions are specifically designed with demanding industrial applications in mind. Special consideration was given to the advanced cooling design to ensure effective heat dissipation at high power levels of up to 27 W/cm2 depending on wavelength. GEW’s LW2 system boasts uniform UV output and wavelength across the full curing width and enjoys the benefits of GEW’s quality build with outstanding reliability, long-term consistent output and extended life cycles.

GEW’s patented NUVA2 arc lamp UV system is engineered for efficiency and lowest maintenance. Active air-cooling and optically tuned reflectors maximise the lamps’ curing effect while at the same time reducing heat radiation onto the substrate. In any UV curing installation the NUVA2 and the associated RHINO power supply achieve accelerated production speeds, increased uptime and energy savings of up to 50%, backed up with the security of a 5-year warranty unique in the industry.