FKuR presents new Bio-Flex blends for home-compostable films and packaging


The home compostable bag FKuR Bio-Flex FX1803
The home compostable bag FKuR Bio-Flex FX1803

The bioplastics specialist FKuR Kunststoff GmbH (Willich, Germany) has developed new Bio-Flex blends for the production of low gauge films which will biodegrade completely in garden compost at low, variable temperatures.

Vinçotte, based in Belgium, has already issued OK Compost HOME certificates for these grades. In addition, most of the new compounds meet the requirements of Article 75 of the French Energy Transition Law ("Loi sur la transition énergétique"). Since January 2017, in the French retail sector, the use of plastic bags for fruit and vegetables, as well as at the cheese, meat and also fish counter was banned. However, bags made from home compostable bioplastic which contain a minimum amount of 30% renewable raw materials (and from 2025, 60% renewable raw materials) are excluded from this ban.

All home compostable Bio-Flex compounds are regarded as having outstanding moisture resistance. This is reported to be a great advantage when compared with many other commercially available starch-based plastics of this type. These biodegrade rapidly but should only be filled with dry contents. The range of possible applications for these new compounds of FKuR is wide and includes multi-purpose bags, as well as bags for fruit and vegetable packing, mulching films and other packaging.