Enprom presents versatile slitting and winding line


Enprom's eSR-120 slitting and winding line
Enprom's eSR-120 slitting and winding line

Enprom Packaging S.L., a leading manufacturer of slitting and winding machinery based in Girona, Spain, aims at improving the production process in order to enable customers to adapt to new products. Therefore, the company has developed a roll slitting and rewinding line for film and paper with a semi-rotary inline die-cutting unit for the production of reels with forms or windows and the possibility to incorporate inline lamination or label inserting.

The line can process a wide range of products with a high added value in a single process – from shaped labels to easy opening containers or windows to see inside the packaging. Traditionally, the die cutting of labels or packages has been performed in narrowband, which requires an upstream cutting process of the mother reels. Then, the rotary die cutting process follows, which requires a change of die cutting roller every time there is a different format. Finally, the process of inserting labels is performed in a third subsequent production process at the final client.

By using the concept of process integration, the eSR-120 machine, with an up to four times bigger bandwidth and speeds between 100 and 140m/min, performs the whole work in one process and is reported to increase productivity by more than 10 times compared to the traditional system, as the Enprom rewinder includes inline semi-rotary die cutting, laminating and label insertion.