Enprom presents new line of labelling machines


ENPROM PACKAGING presents a new range of machinery for the labelling sector
ENPROM PACKAGING presents a new range of machinery for the labelling sector

ENPROM PACKAGING, based in Girona, Spain, a leading supplier of solutions for industrial packaging machinery, has unveiled its new line of machinery for the narrow band sector and specifically for the labelling market. ENPROM’s new line of products for the labelling sector is reported to offer innovative solutions as well as customised projects to improve the production processes of its customers through the integration of modular machines.

The labelling line is based on the eSDC model and its modular concept. It can be configured according to the specific needs of the customer. The eSDC allows several unwinder and rewinder configurations, as well as integration into the central body: rotary and semi-rotary die processes, 100% inspection, inkjet marking, laser cutting, label insertion, or RFID, etc. Moreover, the modular machine can integrate inline printers from any brand on the market.

The labelling line also includes a range of machinery for the shrink sleeve sector. The sleeve forming machine eRS is said to guarantee a high degree of reliability in the production of sleeves, with a robust design. At the same time, it allows high productivities and working speeds.

According to ENPROM, the greatest improvement in sleeve formation is the motorised roller solvent application system that offers significant improvements compared to conventional systems. The roller applies the solvent evenly, thus avoiding blocking problems and completely eliminating the edge flanges, thanks to a synchronised motorisation with the machine speed, which guarantees a high reliability of application throughout the production process.

Finally, the machine can incorporate the inline inspection kit that almost completely avoids later inspection processes. 100% effectiveness in the inspection is guaranteed, as it stops the material web, in order to be able to solve the defect inline.

The sleeve line also includes two more machines: on the one hand, the inspecting and recovering machine for defected material that can work with different inspection systems; the classic balloon or the suction table that allows detecting defects and at the same time testing the resistance of the seal. On the other hand, the cutting machine allows the finalisation of the product in formats or in transversally pre-cut reels, to complete the range of sleeve machines.