Eltex presents electrostatic systems for process optimisation at ICE Europe


The Eltex POWER CHARGER (photo: Eltex)
The Eltex POWER CHARGER (photo: Eltex)

Eltex Elektrostatik GmbH (Weil am Rhein, Germany) is presenting the Eltex POWER CHARGER – a new generation of high-voltage generators – at ICE Europe in Munich. Higher quality, less energy consumption, faster production due to fewer malfunctions, downtimes and waste: Electrostatic charges do not always have negative consequences, but – when used in a targeted manner – are extremely useful in many areas.

User safety was also rethought during the development of the POWER CHARGER: the generator is available in a Performance Level D version. A completely new connector system enables simple, safe contacting of the electrodes used.

The new patented flexION/flexION air discharge bar with its free-standing, air-supported spring tip is designed to achieve a very high passive discharge effect, enabling active operation even at low AC high voltages. To increase the range, a small amount of air can optionally flow through the hollow spring tip. This also serves to continuously clean the emission tip.

The new Eltex electrode flexION impresses with excellent discharge results at both low and high speeds. The special feature: The constant discharge performance ranges from minimal distances to long ranges. According to the manufacturer, it is precisely this broad performance range that makes flexION the world's only discharge bar that can be used in various geometric situations – even in tightly earthed machine environments.