DELO presents new adhesives for die-coating


Die coating for MEMS from DELO
Die coating for MEMS from DELO

The DELO Industrie Klebstoffe GmbH (Windach, Germany) has developed new adhesives for glob tops with optimised flow properties. Especially in the MEMS field, they enable an evenly flat coating of chips with heights of under 100┬Ám without flowing over the edges of the chips.

As the miniaturisation of micro-electronic packages, especially in the MEMS field, progresses, new challenges arise for the used glob-to materials. Thus, mobile phone manufacturers demand a maximum height of 0.6mm for MEMS packages. Therefore, the die-coating materials, which protect the chip surface, have to be as flat as possible. Here, the heat-curing acrylates from DELO offer convincing results, especially when it comes to an even and reliable covering of the upper side of chips, without flowing over the edges.