Contrinex presents UV optosensor for capturing transparent objects


The photoelectric TRU-C23 sensor from Contrinex in action
The photoelectric TRU-C23 sensor from Contrinex in action

Contrinex Sensor GmbH (Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany), an internationally active sensor manufacturer, showcased its latest innovations at the automation tradeshow SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, Germany. For the very first time, the sensor specialist displayed its optosensor TRU-C23 with UV light. The photoelectric system is reported to be ideal for capturing transparent objects.

For this purpose, many sensor manufacturers offer diffuse reflection light sensors without the conventional reflector. However, this solution is far from ideal: Sensors without reflector require a very defined background and precise switching gaps for installation. At the same time, the attainable scopes are reduced. The new photoelectric sensor TRU-C23 with IO-Link from Contrinex therefore works as proven reflector system. Thanks to a patented capturing principle, the sensor offers an outstandingly high detection security in order to be able to reliably recognise very thin, transparent objects. It uses a light source working in the ultraviolet spectrum, whose beams are absorbed by clear glass or plastic.

The foundation for the measurement consists of an LED that absorbs polarised UV light, as well as a reflector that is designed with special materials suited for UV light. Overall, the sensor reaches an operation range of about 1000mm. Typical application fields can be found in the recognition of transparent films or containers made from clear glass or plastics for the beverage and food industries, as well as in the presence monitoring of flasks or vials in the pharmaceutical industry.