Coherent Rofin to showcase innovative solutions for product packaging at interpack 2017


An EasyOpening packaging from Coherent Rofin
An EasyOpening packaging from Coherent Rofin

Coherent Rofin, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, will showcase several innovative solutions for packaging at interpack 2017. The StarPack CW Hybrid system covers the needs of medium size production for cross web and web direction processing. One or two lasers with up to eight 2-axis scanners allow any recipe of scribing in cross web direction and in web direction, as well as perforation of round micro-holes. Optomechanical improvements and StarFlex software make for simplicity, convenience, speed, quality, and lower cost-of-operation.

The StarFlex GUI software provides a unified user interface, no matter which type of system, whether web direction or cross web, perforation or scribing. The software operates systems with up to 9 lasers, and speeds layout changes. Process parameters can be changed and optimised without the need to stop the system. Further, StarFlex software offers four different operating levels for users, administrators etc., to prevent inadvertent errors or reprogramming.

Finally, StarMap, VisionPerfoControl and LaserPulseDetection are said to eliminate trial-and-error, and improve product quality. StarMap optimises modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), provides the best perforation recipe for various packaging designs and products, and eliminates trial-and-error. VisionPerfoControl is a unique real-time monitoring system for hole diameter and circularity. LaserPulseDetection dynamically monitors laser output, resulting in improved product quality.