Baumer hhs showcases Xfeed central adhesive supply system at Fachpack 2018


The Xfeed system from Baumer hhs (photo: Baumer hhs)
The Xfeed system from Baumer hhs (photo: Baumer hhs)

Baumer hhs GmbH (Krefeld, Germany) has expanded its product range for glue application and quality assurance with the Xfeed, a centralised adhesive supply system for hot melt units that offers a number of unique features. The automated, closed-loop system supplies adhesive granules on-demand to up to 20 hot melt units from a central storage location, bridging incomparably long distances of up to 200m even at high feed rates. In addition to the Xmelt family of hot melt units from Baumer hhs, the Xfeed is also compatible with systems from all other manufacturers. In other words, with Xfeed, customers can centrally supply even heterogeneous system configurations with adhesive.

“Our customers want just one representative for their entire gluing process if at all possible. They want to be able to get all the system components and services they need from a single source. In response, we introduced the Xfeed to round out our range of hot melt application products for end-of-line packaging. The solutions from Baumer hhs offer all kinds of possibilities for optimising gluing processes end-to-end, that means from storage, feed, distribution and filling, to melting, conveying and application, all the way to quality control and monitoring,” explains Martin Kotecki, packaging industry specialist at Baumer hhs.

Compared to manually handling the adhesive granules, the Xfeed offers a number of significant advantages as a closed-loop system. For example, it considerably increases ease-of-operation and occupational safety for machine operators. They no longer have to handle or transport bags of adhesive granules, or stock them for their machines. Both the physical strain and time spent transporting supplies are eliminated. Xfeed prevents work injuries, such as the burns that can still occur when manually filling hot melt units with adhesive despite all the safety precautions. What is more, no vapours are released into the immediate environment because machine operators no longer have to open the hot melt units.