BST eltromat at Labelexpo Europe
increasing performance in label and package printing


The 100% inspection system TubeScan from Nyquist Systems can be seen live on a rewinder in Brussels. Visitors can learn more about the latest functions and features (photo: BST eltromat)
The 100% inspection system TubeScan from Nyquist Systems can be seen live on a rewinder in Brussels. Visitors can learn more about the latest functions and features (photo: BST eltromat)

BST eltromat “perfecting your performance” – Labelexpo Europe 2019 (24-27 September in Brussels) is the first exhibition at which BST eltromat International GmbH (Bielefeld, Germany) is exhibiting under its new slogan. “The slogan perfectly reflects what customers around the globe do with our solutions for quality assurance. They increase the efficiency and profitability of their production by satisfying their customers’ quality requirements with less waste and minimal setup times,” explains Anne-Laureen Lauven, head of marketing at BST eltromat. Collaboration with expert partners such as Nyquist Systems Hybrid Software, and Colorware enhances the company’s options for providing integrated support to customers. “Perfecting your performance” is the elexis Group’s new slogan. BST eltromat is the group’s largest subsidiary.

The new slogan ties together the exhibits that BST eltromat is showing at its booth in Brussels (hall 5, booth D23). The company’s solutions for web monitoring and 100% inspection in label and packaging printing will be in focus. The company will also showcase the topics of web guiding, register control, colour measurement, and colour management in offset printing. For countless label and packaging printers and manufacturers of narrow web printing machinery around the globe, BST eltromat is the partner of choice when it comes to quality assurance. “Thanks to the wide range of our modular product portfolio, we are able to cover our customers’ requirements for quality assurance with standard solutions. Those who have requirements beyond the standard can rely on our expertise in project planning and automation to provide them with individual solutions. In the global narrow web market, the name BST eltromat stands for diversity and flexibility,” says Ingo Ellerbrock, head of product management.

In the web monitoring and 100% inspection area, the product line ranges from the TubeScan family 100% inspection systems of partner Nyquist Systems, a member of the BST group of companies since the beginning of 2019, and the POWERScope 5000 video web monitoring system to the iPQ-View and iPQ-Check high-end systems. Kai Prahl, regional sales manager for BST eltromat in Germany, says: “These systems provide label and packaging printers with practically everything they need for quality control. At LABELEXPO EUROPE, we will present a variety of exhibits to showcase the latest fields of application.”

With an eye on the topics of operating comfort and setup process automation, BST eltromat is presenting two new software options for the modular iPQ-Center,  in Brussels: COLOR DATAPreparation and SMART DATAPreparation. It includes four seamlessly integrated high-end modules for quality control and management in web printing. With their range of functions, they cover virtually all of the market’s current requirements. For example, SMART DATAPreparation links the iPQ-Center with ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems so the iPQ-Center can directly use data from other systems.

“Two years ago at Labelexpo Europe, we used a project study to demonstrate the interaction between the MeasureColor colour management software from Colorware and iPQ-Spectral for inline spectral colour measurement. At this year’s exhibition, we will be demonstrating a tried and true, completely automated configuration process in which the iPQ-Spectral receives information via MeasureColor. Further, in conjunction with Hybrid Software we will show how to integrate the SMART DATAPreparation option for the iPQ-Center with Hybrid Software’s solutions, which close the gap between e-commerce portals, pre-press stage workflows, and MIS/ERP systems,” reveals Dr Daniel Bohn, product manager for colour and workflow at BST eltromat.