Algro Design from Sappi makes the Christmas time even sweeter


The Christmas calendar from Fabian Rimann with Sappi's Algro Design cardboard
The Christmas calendar from Fabian Rimann with Sappi's Algro Design cardboard

In the highly competitive chocolate sector, extraordinary designs are a must-have: outstanding quality and 100% sustainability are not negotiable. Season offerings with high-quality messages are the icing on the cake. The Christmas calendar by Fabian Rimann fulfills all these requirements with elegance and impresses with clear lines and a choice of the most scenic mountain tops of the Swiss Alps. The calendar is even refillable.

The project that was coined by the young Swiss chocolate producer Fabian Rimann included participation by Diprint AG from Switzerland (development) and the offset printer Schwarzach GmbH from Austria. The offset specialists from Schwarzach have already used the high white cardboard material Algro Design from the leading specialty paper manufacturer Sappi Europe SA successfully in a range of other print jobs. For the Christmas calendar they opted for Algro Design in grammatures of 350g/m2: “This cardboard is convincing thanks to its high degree of whiteness and very good finishing properties,” says Robert Keller, head of marketing/communication at Schwarzach.

The cardboard material shows how a high white, smooth surface, bending stiffness, protection functions and formability influence the end result. Algro Design from Sappi counts among the most popular coated cellulose cardboards. The product family is also specifically suited for darker colours. Further advantages include high light resistance, silky soft haptics and outstanding processing properties for all conventional finishing techniques.