Ready for high-precision and consistently uniform adhesive application?

01.09.2021 Robatech presents the brand new adhesive melter Vision and the world novelty among the heated hoses - Performa. Enter the new dimension in gluing.

© Photo: Robatech

  • Vision melts and conveys even challenging thermoplastic EVA, PO and PSA adhesives with such excellence that reliability in gluing primary and secondary packaging significantly increases.
  • With Vision you are flexible: lengthwise or crosswise installation, flexible connection angles for heated hoses via FlexPort, system integration via open interfaces or standardized fieldbus protocols
  • Vision has the Smart Terminal. Your operators will love it.
  • Vision saves resources. The adhesive melter has the industry's best energy efficiency and offers high process reliability.

The new heated hose Performa makes adhesive applications even more precise and energy-efficient.

  • Up to 45 % less energy consumption compared to conventional heating hoses thanks to fully insulated PrimeConnect plug-in coupling and high-tech insulation layers
  • The unique PrimeConnect plug-in coupling enables fast and error-free installation without special tools
  • The excellent insulation and temperature distribution hold the adhesive viscosity constant. The precision in application increases.

Together with the application head SpeedStar Compact and its automatic stroke control, you achieve top results in high-precision adhesive application.

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