100% reycable – wet adhesive tapes from Neubronner with natural fibres


Wet adhesive tapes from natural fibres (photo: NEUBRONNER)
Wet adhesive tapes from natural fibres (photo: NEUBRONNER)

NEUBRONNER GmbH & Co. KG from Oberursel, Germany, offers customers in the packaging industry vegan and 100 percent recyclable wet adhesive tapes. The innovative adhesive tapes are reinforced with applied threads consisting of a renewable viscose fibre (cellulose). The viscose fibre replaces the Trevira plastic threads commonly used on the market until then.

Another advantage of the ecological alternative is that the more absorbent viscose fibres can be completely embedded in the aqueous dispersion, the plant glue. This gives the wet adhesive strips even greater strength.

In the future, the company plans to offer further variants with thread layers made of natural fibres. For example, wet-glue tapes with parallel threads and a stable thread layer with overlapping flywheel threads will complement the portfolio.

Wet adhesive tapes from Neubronner offer a whole range of advantages over the widely used PVC adhesive tapes. As they form a perfect bond with the cardboard box and cannot be opened non-destructively, the package is securely sealed until the first opening. The adhesive tapes, which are manufactured exclusively on the basis of kraft paper and glue, are also environmentally friendly and recyclable.

The traditional company specialising in the production of paper adhesive tapes offers a wide range of products from hot melt coated taping tapes to PE coated papers for closing sacks and joint glue papers for the wood and furniture industry. It is the only manufacturer of fibre-reinforced wet adhesive tapes in Europe.

The completely recyclable wet adhesive strip with the innovative viscose fibre reinforcement will be presented for the first time at this year's FachPack.