Ferrarini & Benelli
New experience as digital exhibitor at virtual.drupa

12.04.2021 Ferrarini & Benelli is officially one of the exhibitors of virtual.drupa, the digital version of the drupa Exhibition taking place from the 20-23 April. In an effort to boost productivity and improve digital relations, the organisers have set up the digital version of the drupa exhibition. Ferrarini & Benelli will have the opportunity to reach out to visitors, during and after the event itself.

POLIMETAL, the best-selling treating station by Ferrarini & Benelli.
© Photo: Ferrarini & Benelli
POLIMETAL, the best-selling treating station by Ferrarini & Benelli.

At virtual.drupa, Ferrarini & Benelli offers a virtual showroom, which showcases its top-selling treating stations. In addition to its POLIMETAL and IN AIR PLASMA treatment systems, the manufacturer from Romanengo, Italy, is going to present its latest and most innovative product: the EVO SMART DIGITAL GENERATOR.

Virtual showroom

Inside the virtual showroom, visitors can find information on the characteristics and differences marking the company’s corona and plasma treating systems. Amongst its best-selling products is POLIMETAL: it is a universal treating station for conductive and non-conductive materials, designed to treat plastic and metallized films, paper and laminates. It comes in four different models and is available both in a single-sided and double-sided version. It is equipped with a ceramic roller and ceramic electrodes and it is available with integrated motorisation, extended shaft for drive, a pressure roller to avoid back-side treatment effects and idle rollers.

The open design of the system eases all cleaning and routine maintenance operations. According to the manufacturer, The POLIMETAL series is the perfect solution for numerous applications in the converting industry and it is perfectly adaptable to the specific needs of every customer.

IN AIR PLASMA treats both conductive and non-conductive materials: it effectively solves the adhesion problems of three-dimensional plastic objects or small areas of two-dimensional plastic surfaces. It takes advantage of the properties of compressed air to direct plasma towards the portion of material needing to be treated; its implementation on folder-gluer lines activates the material’s surface before glue is applied, in order to allow high-quality gluing applications on plastic packages, plastic containers and laminated paper boxes manufactured by producers of plastic packaging. In addition to being effective and time-saving, it is also environmentally friendly, as it does not release ozone into the atmosphere.

New digital generator

Saving best for last, this year, Ferrarini & Benelli is set to launch its latest and most challenging innovation to date: the EVO SMART DIGITAL GENERATOR, a new digital generator with a touch-screen display, which shows all the main parameters, immediately allowing for a user-friendly browsing.  Through the generator, remote real-time data monitoring is possible on every device of the customer, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. Production data is collected by the generator and sent to the cloud for real-time monitoring and reporting. The information thus collected can be visualised online on every device. This generator is a state-of-the-art product and keeps up with the latest trends in terms of digitalisation and Industry 4.0.