Power supplies with artificial intelligence enable remote support

04.09.2020 Enercon’s (Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin) newest power supplies provide converters and extruders with multiple options for remote support. And with travel more limited these days, this is an important feature to ensure uptime.

Enercon seizes the potentials of artificial intelligence.
© Photo: Enercon
Enercon seizes the potentials of artificial intelligence.

The capabilities for remote support come in two levels: customers connecting the power supplies to a network for live support, or the more common method of downloading data from the power supply for review by Enercon Engineers.

Capturing critical information

One of the key architects of the technology, Enercon’s engineering and R&D manager Brian Croke says: “In addition to collecting event, fault and operating data, the system’s artificial intelligence captures critical information when a fault occurs. It’s the equivalent of having an Enercon Engineer connected to the system with an oscilloscope at the time of the fault.”

This information is downloaded to a USB and sent to Enercon for review in the company’s proprietary data capture analyser tool. This tool allows Enercon engineers to view all critical operating data across custom reports to diagnose problems and ultimately remedy the cause.

Reduced diagnosis time, remote updates

The technology has already proved valuable for Enercon’s customers both in the United States and around the globe. In addition to reducing the diagnosis time of potential issues, Enercon has also been able to update software remotely for customers without the need for a service visit.