Arconvert and Ritrama
Response to the Covid-19 emergency

26.03.2020 Arconvert and Ritrama (both part of the Fedrigoni Group in Verona, Italy) are committed to supporting the health sector and the supply of essential necessities throughout the course of this pandemic, and to provide continuity of service at all times.

Arconvert and Ritrama share their insights on the current corona crisis.
© Photo: Arconvert/Ritrama
Arconvert and Ritrama share their insights on the current corona crisis.

In an unprecedented global crisis such as the one we are now facing because of Covid19, Fedrigoni Group is committed to ensuring continuity of service and protecting the supply chain of essential necessities. From the beginning of the emergency, Arconvert and Ritrama have been operating fully, without interruptions, to serve the food and pharmaceutical industries and the health sector, while working tirelessly to protect the health and safety of its people.

Strictest compliance to governmental prescriptions

The Fedrigoni Group has been ensuring the strictest level of compliance with all governmental prescriptions and has introduced some extra measures to further improve the safety of all its employees: widespread use of remote working, video conferencing systems for all meetings, safety distances between colleagues in all workspaces and common areas, infrared temperature-testing to all staff at the entrance of factories and offices, restrictions for visitors and external suppliers. Additionally, the sanitisation activities of all environments have been intensified.

Arconvert and Ritrama mainly produce self-adhesive materials for the labelling industry serving large-scale distribution to food, pharmaceutical and logistics sectors among others. All essential goods require labels printed on self-adhesive materials. As such the Arconvert-Ritrama products are a vital component in supporting the supply chain of critical items such as drugs and hospital devices, IV and plasma bags, as well as test tubes and products for the sanitation of environments. Labels are also essential for pricing food in supermarkets, for bottles of personal and house care products, or to apply barcodes to handle and ship goods.

During this difficult period of social isolation citizens can still count on the availability of these goods.

Constant assessment of the situation

Arconvert and Ritrama are constantly assessing the situation as it evolves and are adjusting operations to secure the entire value chain, from the stock management and flexibility of their plants, to supply chain management.

The company says it is grateful for the privilege of being able do its part in this difficult moment, and it take this responsibility very seriously, both as an organisation and as individuals. They strongly believe that, with everyone's commitment, they will win this momentous battle, together.