Karl Knauer
Jungle packaging wins the 2021 WorldStar Award

19.02.2021 Packaging specialist Karl Knauer KG (Biberach, Germany) has been honoured with the prestigious WorldStar Award for the second time in a row.

Jungle packaging for cosmetics – high quality packaging for a high quality product.
© Photo: Karl Knauer
Jungle packaging for cosmetics – high quality packaging for a high quality product.

The international jury of experts selected the packaging for the ASAHEGO face cream by luxury natural cosmetics brand The Creammaker from 345 entries from 35 countries as the winner in the "Luxury" category. The emotional product presentation was created by Antje Urbe (The Creammaker) and Joachim Maatz (Maatz Design). In their statement, the packaging experts praised the packaging’s "unusually successful combination of aesthetics, functionality and originality". At the same time, attention was drawn to the ingenious design and the 100% recyclable material used in the packaging, which meets all of the sustainability requirements.

The magic of the jungle

The packaging emotionally tells the true story behind the face cream’s formula in a way that customers can experience. Sabine Kuegler – co-founder of The Creammaker and known as the "Jungle Child" – uses the traditional knowledge of the indigenous people of the Fayu tribe in West Papua to create her natural cosmetics – modern, high-end products made from 100% plant-based active ingredients. Customers who choose this high-quality cream will be taken on a voyage of discovery into the depths of the New Guinea jungle during the unboxing process. Only once the band is untied is a view of the diorama presentation box revealed. The lasered bamboo jar containing the hand-mixed cream rests behind a curtain of plants, complete with four depth levels in total.

Emotional and sustainable

This packaging concept – which is both emotional and sustainable – won the Gold Award of the German Packaging Award in 2020. This was a prerequisite for solutions to be nominated for the 2021 WorldStar Award. Only packaging that has previously won a significant national or regional award is eligible for entry into this competition.