Connecting the dots between Packaging 4.0 and Industry 4.0

10.06.2021 The print and packaging industry is entering a profound transformation, with changing consumer behaviours and new technologies disrupting the industry. Brand owners of every size are under increasing pressure to deliver the ideal packaging blend of design, substrates and quality.

BOBST aims to combine Packaging 4.0 and Industry 4.0 even more.
© Photo: BOBST
BOBST aims to combine Packaging 4.0 and Industry 4.0 even more.

For converters, new business opportunities are on the rise. The Industry 4.0 principles are entering into the packaging industry and we are at a tipping point where smart factories will become a reality. Connecting the dots between Packaging 4.0 and Industry 4.0 is of great strategic importance for converters and brand owners alike.

It is in this context that BOBST has developed its industry vision – to shape the future of the packaging world – based on four cornerstones, which are connectivity, digitalisation, automation and sustainability. As BOBST aims to continue to deliver best-in-class machines, the company is placing great emphasis on new technologies and capabilities that can enable the future of its customers.

New solutions to help packaging converters shape a better future

BOBST provides digital solutions to prepare, produce, react to, maintain, and optimise production workflow. The Swiss traditional company believes that the entire packaging value chain can be connected – and BOBST Connect is the result of that belief. By linking up every single step of the process, it heightens efficiency, control, and data knowledge.  

BOBST Connect is a link between the company’s production equipment and the digital eco-system (including third-party software), designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, performance and ultimately – profitability. Through the solution, the manufacturer provides machine and process knowledge to its customers, to make a real change in their way of working, which is in line with today’s fast-paced world.

Setting new colour management standards

BOBST oneECG sets new colour management standards for the entire industry, increasing quality and reducing waste. oneECG is BOBST’s Extended Color Gamut technology deployed across analogue and digital printing for label, flexible packaging, folding carton and corrugated board. ECG refers to a set of process inks – typically 7 – to achieve through a specific combination a colour gamut larger than the traditional CMYK, ensuring colour repeatability irrespective of the colour operator’s skill.

oneECG not only brings efficiency and productivity but it allows customers to produce in a more sustainable way. With oneECG in gravure for example, customers can reduce ink consumption, leftovers and material waste by up to 50%.

New label portfolio

BOBST is aiming to lead the next chapter of digitalisation of label production and also going beyond digital printing, offering fully digitalised solutions in flexo, digital inkjet and the combination of both.

To ensure the vision is implemented effectively, in early 2021 BOBST acquired the remaining 49.9% of Mouvent AG. This acquisition is a commitment towards an acceleration of the digitalisation of printing based on a unique cluster technology delivering high quality, high speed and the lowest TCO. BOBST will now integrate Mouvent fully under its brand and go-to-market activities. The Swiss experts believe that the future of label production will be primarily driven by inkjet developments and the growth of the All-in-One category we announced back in 2019.

Enhancing  quality and reducing waste

The BOBST Digital Inspection Table (DIT) solutions represent a breakthrough in quality control, streamlining the process, improving precision and automating reporting, and represent a strategic piece within the Packaging 4.0 roll-out. These fully digitalised tables use data to avoid human errors, significantly decrease waste, and reduce expensive and damaging recalls. They enhance customer relationships based on data driven business insights. If converters want to deploy an industry 4.0-compliant packaging production process, this product is considered to be a must-have.

Embracing the packaging industry transformation with confidence

“We are living through a period of profound transformation in our industry and our approach is to embrace that transformation and provide new opportunities for our customers,” said Jean-Pascal Bobst, CEO Bobst Group. “The solutions we provide mean converters and brand owners can cope with the shifting pressures and rapidly-changing environment that they face. We are on the journey with them and we can shape the future of the packaging world together.”