Zecher and Ulmex
World premiere at K 2022 – Laser cleaning of anilox rollers

04.10.2022 ULMEX Industrie System GmbH & Co. KG (Ulm, Germany) has over 23 years of experience in the flexographic and gravure printing sector. Together with Zecher GmbH (Paderborn, Germany), its partner for anilox rollers, the company will take part at K 2022 (Düsseldorf, from 19 to 26 October 2022). A joint trade fair appearance that is intended to further strengthen the partnership that has linked the two companies for several years.

Mobile laser cleaning service.
© Photo: ULMEX
Mobile laser cleaning service.

At the K trade fair, ULMEX and Zecher will present the new Evolux machine as an absolute premiere. An innovative concept for laser cleaning of anilox rollers, which has been optimised and further developed. The new Evolux machine presents itself in a completely revised design. It is more compact and ergonomic to make it easier for the user to operate. With increased stability and reliability, the new Evolux machine also offers better productivity.

New Speedy Clean function

This is made possible primarily by the new Speedy Clean function, which is the subject of a separate patent application. This adaptation also makes the machine suitable for industrial applications with intensive 24/7 use. The extreme flexibility of this system allows all types of ceramic and chrome anilox rollers to be cleaned effectively and permanently with consistent quality. Not only colours, but also stubborn residues such as lacquers, adhesives, silicones and resins. This is all achieved without the use of chemical solvents or cleaning agents and is an important criterion above all for printing companies in the food packaging sector; but also for companies where environmentally conscious and sustainable work is a priority.

The heart of the Evolux technology is the pulse laser, where power, frequency and the characteristics of the pulses can be calibrated. In this way, any number of cleaning programmes can be adapted to the respective customer and his application/needs. The operation of Evolux is further simplified by the innovative user software. The software has been further developed and is now even more intuitive. A solution that allows direct access to the DAM (Dynamics Anilox Management) database. This provides continuous and real-time monitoring of the condition of the anilox roll stock. It is therefore possible to react in advance to upcoming reprocessing.

Another innovation, for which a patent application has also been filed, is the integrated and optionally available 3D microscope. This is a device of the latest generation that determines the volume, as well as the cell depth and geometry of the individual anilox rollers before and after cleaning. This provides important information on the condition of the anilox rollers. Another special feature of Evolux is the Ceramic Care System, which makes it possible to maintain the technical and structural properties of the anilox roll surface during the cleaning process. The new Evolux product range includes three models for anilox roll widths of up to 1000, 2000 or 3000mm. This makes it possible to respond to all specific customer requirements.

Mobile laser cleaning service

At K, ULMEX will also show its mobile and international laser cleaning service. The company offers this service for the whole of Europe. ULMEX's fleet of vehicles is already equipped with the new Evolux-Smart technology. This is a professional service that is only carried out by trained technicians. The cleaning is done directly at the customer's site and can be done either offline in the vehicle, or inline in the machine. All vehicles are equipped with a 3D microscope and measurements are taken before and after cleaning. Thus, after cleaning, the customer receives a detailed documentation of the cleaning result and the condition of his anilox roll stock. The microscopes make it possible to determine the condition of the anilox rolls in real time and to display the cleanings exactly. The customer thus not only receives the cleaning result, but also the wear condition of his anilox rollers.