Increasing print quality – mobile laser cleaning service for anilox rollers

05.05.2021 ULMEX Industrie System GmbH & Co. from Ulm-Lehr, Germany, has been active in the fields of packaging, flexo and gravure printing, for over 20 years. The manufacturer's services also include the innovative laser cleaning of ceramic anilox rollers and chrome rollers directly at the customer's premises.

The mobile laser cleaning service from ULMEX.
© Photo: ULMEX
The mobile laser cleaning service from ULMEX.

The in-house service vehicles are all equipped with state-of-the-art laser cleaning devices. This enables ULMEX to clean all anilox rollers directly on the customer's premises within a few hours, without leaving any residues and with cell depth. Of course, all cleaning is carried out in compliance with and in consideration of all valid safety regulations. The cleaning is carried out by trained personnel. The cleaning of the anilox rollers can be carried out both when the rollers or sleeves are removed and in the machine. Cleaning usually takes place in the machine if anilox roller disassembly takes a lot of time.

Effective, safe and environmentally friendly

The laser technology used by ULMEX is considered the most effective, safe and environmentally friendly method to clean ceramic and chrome rolls. Any kind of contamination can be removed. No matter if there is dried paint, lacquer, glue, substrate residues or dust deep-seated in the cells. When properly planned, this cleaning method can extend the life of the anilox rollers while improving the quality of the printed product.

Furthermore, all ULMEX mobile cleaning systems are equipped with advanced 3D digital microscopes. These allow technicians to measure the anilox rolls before and after cleaning with accurate volume information of each anilox roll. After cleaning, the customer receives a detailed report with the 3D images, cell profile, cell depth and volume specification. This also allows the customer to compare the achieved volume with the nominal volume.

Chronological list of cleaning processes

The data collected allows the ULMEX technicians to show in real time the state of the anilox stock and to draw up a chronological list of the cleaning operations carried out. In this way, customers are provided with a very accurate evaluation of the cleaning operations. This is also indispensable information for evaluating the wear and usage development of the individual anilox rollers. In this way, customers are offered even more individual advice based on their actual needs.

"Often, when transmission decreases and the production result deteriorates, costly reconditioning of the anilox rollers is resorted to. Effective cleaning of the rollers reduces costs and optimises process times. We also offer our cleaning service outside production hours to eliminate downtime." In these cases, ULMEX schedules cleaning during the night shift or at the weekend. This not only prevents production downtime, but also reduces contact with the customer's personnel to a minimum.