Virtual open house demonstrates the future of flexible packaging production

22.01.2021 BOBST hosted a unique virtual event from its state-of-the-art Competence Centers in Bielefeld, Germany, and San Giorgio Monferrato, Italy, which enabled attendees to see the future of flexible packaging production from the comfort of their own homes.

Close-up view of the smartDROID robotic system in front of the printing area of the BOBST MASTER CI central cylinder flexo press.
© Photo: BOBST
Close-up view of the smartDROID robotic system in front of the printing area of the BOBST MASTER CI central cylinder flexo press.

The ‘Innovation in Flexible Packaging’ event on 20 January dedicated to CI flexo printing and laminating technologies featured keynote speakers including the CEO of BOBST, Jean-Pascal Bobst, and live demonstrations of three innovative products that are helping to shape the future of the CI flexo industry. Valuable insights into the evolving requirements and outlook for the future in different segments of the flexible packaging industry were shared by three major converting companies with operations in Europe and the USA.

Four key elements

“We are driving the future of flexible packaging production around four key elements – connectivity, digitalisation, automation and sustainability,” said Jean-Pascal Bobst. “Even before the events of 2020, we were living in a world where much better agility and sustainability were required, particularly in flexible packaging. Now these needs have increased even further. We are answering these needs by fundamentally shaping the future of the packaging world, and there is no better example of that commitment than our latest products in CI flexo and lamination.” 

The three machines on show at the Open House event were the VISION CI flexo press, the solventless NOVA SX 550 LAMINATOR and the MASTER CI flexo press. Attendees were able to see live demonstrations of each machine.

The VISION CI is designed to deliver the most efficient performance for all production lengths on a wide range of substrates. For converters, it ticks all the boxes, providing outstanding print quality, performance and sustainability. In a world where guarantee of quality at high speed is essential, the VISION CI delivers exactly the same consistent print and performance quality with each print reel, for any run length. Fast to setup and change over, it features technical innovations and automation that ensure repeatable process consistency, minimum waste and easy manufacturing.

True flexibility

The NOVA SX 550 LAMINATOR meanwhile is the ideal production tool when true flexibility is required by converters, and BOBST believes it will soon become the new benchmark in the market. This plug & play solventless machine has been specifically conceived to reach three ambitious targets: unparalleled flexibility of use, high level of automation for a compact machine, and outstanding productivity. Furthermore, it is Industry 4.0 ready. Irrespective of job lengths, substrate and adhesive types, this small great machine will increase the user's competitive edge with cost-effective, reliable and sustainable operation.

Finally, the MASTER CI is simply the master of performance when it comes to CI flexo printing, and epitomises BOBST’s focus on connectivity, digitalisation, automation and sustainability. It combines advanced technologies and smart innovations in CI flexo printing to enable the highest productivity, process stability and flexibility independent of the operator’s skill level. Advanced robotics guarantees a fully automated press setup, and it boasts a digitalised production workflow from file to finished product with creation of a digital twin of the produced reels. Its modular design enables fast installation and commissioning in less than 4 weeks.

“These products enable a level of performance in CI flexo printing and lamination that can really propel converters’ flexible packaging operations into the future,” said Jean-Pascal Bobst. “While we would of course always prefer to see our customers in person, we were thrilled to be able to demonstrate the capabilities of these machines through a digital connected platform online. When it comes to flexible packaging, BOBST has the widest solution portfolio available, and it’s a portfolio that will help our customers to excel in the current environment and remain future-proof no matter what happens in the years ahead.”