Burckhardt of Switzerland
Manufacture of POM rings for cold needle perforation

20.07.2021 Recently, Basel-based Burckhardt of Switzerland AG, a renowned manufacturer of precision parts, tools and machines for perforating and fibrillating, has started to manufacture perforating rings made of POM (Polyoxymethylene) for cold needle perforation.

A POM ring for cold needle perforation from Burckhardt.
© Photo: Burckhardt
A POM ring for cold needle perforation from Burckhardt.

The main advantage of using POM polymer instead of metal is a huge reduction of weight. While a normal perforating ring of metal (aluminium core and brass outer ring) with a width of 100mm and an inner diameter of 80mm weighs 1700g, the weight of the POM ring with the same dimensions ranges at 400g.

Enormous weight difference

This weight difference of more than 1kg per perforating ring offers the following advantages:

- The lower weight results in lower transportation costs and a smaller ecological footprint.

- When using an idle/non-motorised roller, the lower weight and thus lower mass of the perforating roller eases start and stop of the perforating process. This has a positive effect on perforating results. Holes will have a round shape rather than an oval shape.

- A shaft equipped with 16 POM rings has less deflection as it weighs approx. 20kg less. The effect will be a more homogeneous perforation pattern (hole diameter) on the total film width (left-middle-right).

- Last but not least, the purchase price of a POM perforating ring will be approx. 5% lower than a metal ring.

Improving quality while saving money

With this new offering, Burckhardt’s clients have the option of improving the quality of perforation in their final product, while also saving money and even making a small contribution to a better environment.