Strategic investment to boost innovation and standardisation in tooling and the die-making industry

09.04.2020 Bobst Group SA (Mex, Switzerland) confirms a strategic investment in CITO-SYSTEM GmbH (Schwaig, Germany) that leverages the strengths of both companies to drive innovation in tooling and in packaging production worldwide.

© Photo: Bobst Group

On 8 April, 2020, BOBST acquired a majority participation of 51% in CITO-SYSTEM, while the management of CITO-SYSTEM retains 49% in the company. CITO-SYSTEM will continue to be run under the same management with its existing globally-recognised branding and agent network. The company is well known for providing a multiple of components for the converting and die-making industries with expertise in paper, cardboard, and corrugated board. The Company’s consumables and services are marketed under the brand CITO-SYSTEM.

Strategic role of tooling

“In a world where agility and sustainability are the most critical elements for packaging production, BOBST recognises the strategic role played by tooling. Our partnership with CITO-SYSTEM will optimise the entire packaging chain in terms of innovation and standardisation,” said Julien Laran, head of Bobst’s business unit Services. “Together, we can help optimising and transforming a very fragmented industry, ensuring that die-makers can manufacture and distribute the best possible tooling for an agile packaging production which provides converters with a significant competitive advantage.”

“Production performance and quality is made by high-tech machines in combination with perfect tools and processes. Now BOBST and CITO-SYSTEM, leading suppliers in the packaging and tooling industries, are working hand in hand. Combining the two companies’ innovation expertise we can improve performance and quality for the benefit of our customers. I am happy about the new situation because this joint venture makes CITO-SYSTEM a stronger partner for our customers’ success,” said Jürgen Mariën, managing director of CITO-SYSTEM.

Tooling matters and over the years BOBST has developed a range of tooling innovations. In 2017, BOBST acquired a majority participation in BOXPLAN GmbH & Co. KG. Boxplan offers a large number of die-cutting innovations to the packaging industry, including the Hybridsetter for the production of dynamic stripping forms for die-cutters. In 2018, BOBST established its certification programme to support die-makers at the local level to deliver the best possible tooling for BOBST machines.

Developing and promoting die-making components

“The partnership with CITO-SYSTEM is a new and crucial piece of the puzzle. While we have significant expertise in tooling, we want our partners to faster develop and promote die-making components in the market,” said Raphaël Indermühle, head of sales & marketing of Bobst’s business unit Services. “CITO SYSTEM is one of the leading suppliers in this field. Now, with BOBST, our certification programme, Boxplan, and CITO-SYSTEM, we are fully equipped to drive innovation and standardisation further, and help pioneer the future of tooling and packaging production.”