New OmniCure S2000 system for modern UV curing

08.12.2021 The S2000 Elite is the further development of the proven S2000 system from Polytec GmbH (Waldbronn, Germany) for the highest requirements in Industry 4.0 processes. More compact and lighter in design, it has a 4.3 inch touch screen for direct operation on the unit.

The new OmniCure S2000 system.
© Photo: Polytec
The new OmniCure S2000 system.

Remote access is possible via Ethernet, WLAN and a web interface. In addition, the S2000 Elite supports automation integration via NFC and security and rights management via NFC card readers. Classic interfaces such as PLC, USB and SD card slot are a matter of course.

Cost and time savings

In addition to the previous iris shutter, the new system is also equipped with a high-speed shutter with a 30ms response time. The new version offers another advantage: thanks to automated lamp and filter type recognition, customers can now replace the lamps and filters on their systems themselves, thus saving time and money.

The S2000 Elite ensures full compatibility with its predecessor for all established hardening processes. It contains the same halogen lamp with the corresponding spectral characteristics, the same filters and light guides and is equally compatible with the R2000 radiometer.

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