New international websites for the UV curing systems of the British manufacturer

15.02.2021 The renowned UV curing systems manufacturer GEW (Crawley, UK) has recently completed the rollout of its portfolio of international language websites. The English language website was first to be introduced in October 2020, and GEW has since added French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese sister sites.

GEW presents a range of new international websites for its products and services.
© Photo: GEW
GEW presents a range of new international websites for its products and services.

GEW has a full range of UV curing systems for the coating and converting industries, including conventional mercury arc UV lamps, LED, hybrid UV and inert-gas UV curing systems. The company also has a Specialist UV division, dedicated to the design and installation of complex, bespoke solutions.

Expert for UV curing

As an expert for UV curing technology, GEW has become a leading player in the design and manufacture of UV systems for web coating lines up to 2.50m wide. A range of UV curing equipment is available to cater for all processes, including highly effective short-wave mercury arc lamps for hotmelt adhesives and long-wave UV LEDs for specialist coatings and laminating.

Due to the complexity and breadth of the GEW range, the company has sought to simplify the structure to its product pages, separating them by curing method such as UV LED, traditional UV, and so on.

Categories clearly outlined

Key application categories are also clearly outlined, which then link to the most suitable product for that application. Moreover, there is a new service and spares section, as well as a dedicated section to view GEW customer case studies.

The homepage and all international language derivative websites can be navigated to from the top menu of the page.