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Everything for drying and curing

11.02.2020 At PaintExpo, Dr. Hönle AG shows its whole range of efficient drying and curing technologies, comprising infrared, ultraviolet, inert UV and trendsetting LED-UV curing.

UV coating of diffusing lenses.
© Photo: Dr. Hönle AG
UV coating of diffusing lenses.

LED-UV systems have been increasingly applied for curing inks, coatings and finishes on sheet materials for some years, whereas they were hardly used for coating 3D objects, as the market did not offer UV-LED specific varnishes. This has changed during the recent months. The industry has developed several new coatings especially tailored to 3D LED-UV curing applications.

LED-UV takes centre stage

UV specialist Hönle takes account of this development by offering a comprehensive portfolio of LED-UV devices which they will show at PaintExpo 2020.

The successful product series LED Powerline includes water and air-cooled high-performance curing devices which are available in different versions and lengths. The array is supplied and controlled by a compact and very efficient module for top hat rail mounting, by the Hönle tabletop unit LED powerdrive or – in the IC-version – by an integrated control system.

Highly efficient is the new air-cooled jetCURE LED. With an irradiation intensity > 18.000mW/cm² it guarantees fast and reliable curing of printing inks and varnishes. Due to its modular design it can be adapted to any application.

High-performance UV systems

But LED technology is not always the best choice. For this reason, Hönle also shows its tried and tested high-performance UV systems of the product lines UVAPRINT and pureUV. They are available with all standard and many special spectra, in arc lengths from 100mm to 2.600mm, always matching the customer’s requirements. Hönle UV devices can very easily be integrated into almost every manufacturing process and can perfectly be used in inert atmosphere.

When integrated into curing chambers Hönle UV units can be equipped with a special supply / exhaust air system, which enables an operation independently of ambient air. This system can be perfectly used in a clean room. The waste heat can additionally be used by the customer, e.g. for heating.

In addition to UV curing technology, Hönle offers infrared drying devices for coating applications, for example the highly efficient jetCURE IR which can easily be transformed into an IR/HotAir drier by removing the quartz plate and reversing the air flow. Hönle put special emphasis on modular system concepts which allow for a flexible application and extension. Unique with Hönle is also their high degree of customised developments and an extremely high vertical production range including key components for drying systems such as UV and IR lamps, reflectors and electronic power supplies as well as reliable UV / UV-LED measuring equipment.