Wandres GmbH micro-cleaning
40 years of industrial cleaning systems

31.05.2021 Even though the company foundation of the manufacturer from Stegen, Germany, is now 40 years in the past, the original motivation and inventive spirit of Claus G. Wandres can still be felt today.

Wandres can look back on 40 years of company history – with success stories in numerous industrial sectors.
© Photo: Wandres GmbH micro-cleaning
Wandres can look back on 40 years of company history – with success stories in numerous industrial sectors.

"We supply the best cleaning technology when particles and dusts on surfaces lead to faults and rejects in production."

Known worldwide

Today, the sword brush technology from the manufacturer based in the southern Black Forest is known worldwide. In industrial production with ever shorter cycle times and increasing automation, inline cleaning systems have become an indispensable component. Without reliable cleaning of the surface – for example before painting – stable and economical continuous operation would simply be impossible.

In the automotive industry, for example, robotic sword brushes are often used to clean car bodies before painting. In the sheet metal industry, sheet metal strips and blanks are cleaned before dressing, straightening or forming. In the furniture industry, Wandres is the market leader and, with its Combi Sword Brushes, provides a precisely fitting system for numerous applications, for example after milling and sanding or before video inspection. In the packaging industry, the cleaning of paper webs leads to error-free results during printing. In the glass industry, the efficient removal of separating powder can significantly reduce or even eliminate the need for subsequent washing processes.

High vertical range of manufacture

The machines are developed and produced at the Stegen site with 140 employees. A special feature is the unusually high vertical range of manufacture and the in-house development of important components. Due to the in-house production of the linear brushes, a worldwide unique quality standard could be achieved. Wandres is represented internationally by two subsidiaries in the USA and in China as well as by numerous sales and service partners.