Expansion of the sales team for web inspection systems

12.01.2022 Nowadays, film inspection systems have become essential in high-end markets such as the pharmaceutical, medical, hygiene or food industries. Since 1 January 2022, Andreas Peterhanwahr has been supporting OCS sales for web inspection systems (FSP) as senior sales manager FSP.

Andreas Peterhanwahr, new senior sales manager FSP at OCS.
© Photo: OCS Optical Control Systems GmbH
Andreas Peterhanwahr, new senior sales manager FSP at OCS.

"We believe he will provide you with the kind of service you expect from OCS," the company based in Witten, Germany,” stated in a recent press release.

Many years of professional experience

Peterhanwahr brings more than 12 years of experience in technical sales of customer-specific sensor applications as well as industrial measurement and control technology – including for the automotive supply industry – and is expected to help OCS achieve its corporate goals. "We are pleased to have won him for our team and wish him every success in his area of responsibility," the company added.