Demonstrating static control and web cleaning expertise at The Battery Show

21.06.2022 Meech International (Witney, UK) will be presenting its range of static control and web cleaning solutions at The Battery Show Europe 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany (Hall 8, Stand 19).

Smart Control Touch from Meech.
© Photo: Meech
Smart Control Touch from Meech.

Static Control and Surface cleaning are critical in the battery manufacturing process for the removal of contamination to ensure optimum, high-quality battery manufacturing outputs. Meech offers a dedicated approach to surface contamination and static charge removal with a range of solutions, tailored to the battery manufacturing industry, which can be matched to the material, process and contamination type.

Products on display at The Battery Show

CyClean-R incorporates advanced computational fluid dynamics that allow converters to thoroughly clean low-tension webs. Ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, including narrow, mid and wide web, CyClean-R is available as a single-sided and double-sided web cleaner. From its position on the web roller, it delivers optimal, consistent removal of dry, unbonded contamination from any web material (particle removal to 0.5 micron is achievable).

Unlike other brush cleaning web cleaners on market, RoClean-C combines dynamic air flow and rotating brush technology. The battery web passes through an ionisation cloud on entrance and exit, while the brushes rotates in the opposite direction to the web for thorough disruption of any challenging contamination particles. Contaminants are drawn into the vacuum chamber. The positive air flow not only disrupts contamination on the web, it also ensures that any contamination left on the brush is also moved to vacuum chamber.

Compact AHU

The Meech AHUv3 range is integral to the Cyclean-R and RoClean specialised surface cleaners. The AHUv3 provides positive and vacuum pressure airflows and houses the system filters. It is of robust design and requires minimal maintenance.

SmartControl Touch harnesses the power of Industry 4.0 within scaled up battery manufacturing applications by connecting multiple ionisation bars and sensors for advanced monitoring and control. This system offers improved productivity, quality and safety assurance.

Hyperion bars

Meech’s Hyperion pulsed DC ionising bars – the 971IPS, 960IPS, 929IPS, and 924IPS provide short, medium and long-distance static elimination respectively, and can be installed quickly and easily onto converter’s lines.

Ian Atkinson, director, international business development, Meech International, comments: “We are delighted to be exhibiting at The Battery Show, and increasing our presence within this market. Neglecting to consider static charges and surface contamination within the battery manufacturing process could lead to a number of issues. Any contamination present on the battery substrate can have drastic effects on the performance of the battery. Even the slightest presence of contamination within the battery can cause soft shortages, which can lead to a drop in performance. This can significantly affect the distance range of the vehicle and therefore customer satisfaction. Battery manufacturing is a costly business and any rejections can also significantly affect profit margins. As issues can rarely be detected before the end of-line soak-testing, it is imperative that preventative action be taken throughout the manufacturing process.