Smart measurement and control solutions for Li-Ion battery production

15.10.2021 MeSys GmbH (Greifenberg, Germany) will present its smart measurement and control solutions for the production of micro batteries and electrodes at Battery Show Europe, which will take place from 30 November to 2 December in Stuttgart, Germany.

Precise measurements ensure a high quality of the final product.
© Photo: MeSys
Precise measurements ensure a high quality of the final product.

At booth 4-585, the sensor specialists will focus on non-radiometric system solutions for web measurement of weight, thickness and moisture. In battery production, these play a decisive role in achieving a high-quality product. Especially the array systems of the company from Greifenberg are in high demand in the industry.

Almost 100% measurement of the web product

In contrast to traversing individual sensors, the MeSys solutions have a large number of fixed sensors that enable almost 100% measurement of the web product. Especially in the field of battery production, the advantage is that the measurement frame can also be used in the wet area and the adaptation of the wet layer (transverse and longitudinal profile) takes place directly behind the coating unit even before drying. The patented measurement method is based on a mechanical shaft that determines the extent to which the film vibrates. For this purpose, the transmitter of the sensor sends an ultrasonic pulse through the flat web material to be measured to the receiver, after which the pulse undergoes attenuation. The weight per unit area or the thickness of the electrically conductive web products can thus be measured precisely and without contact during the run.

"With this measuring method, several rows of sensors are implemented across the entire web width in such a way that they result in up to 128 test points in the transverse direction," says the managing director, who runs the company together with Eva Knorr, summarising the advantages. He adds that the non-contact measurement of the ultrasonic sensor ensures high production speeds and detects even the smallest defects in the material. For manufacturers, the advantages are obvious, as they benefit from lower waste rates, significantly more efficient production, and maximum quality.

Customer-oriented user interface

With a particularly user-friendly control and visualization solution, MeSys will be showing customers from the battery industry in Stuttgart another highlight that sets new standards especially with regard to a customer-oriented user interface. It is not only modular in design, which enables the implementation of a wide range of customer requirements, such as adapting the speed to the web speed or mapping different web paths within the systems. It also features a smart self-diagnostic function that contributes to reliable and interruption-free operation. Not only does the system enable MeSys experts to connect to all MeSys equipment worldwide and provide rapid assistance to customers, but also the independent upgrading of the systems on the part of the users is supported. "We are very much looking forward to being able to present our solutions at the booth and to engage in dialogue with the trade visitors," state Eva Knorr and Daniel Eggerath.