Positive balance thanks to battery industry

11.12.2020 MeSys GmbH (Greifenberg, Germany) draws a positive balance for the year 2020 despite the generally tense economic situation and all the adversities. The experts for non-radiometric web measurement of weight, thickness and moisture were able to profit in particular from the increasing demand in the battery sector in recent months.

The MeSys management: Eva Knorr and Prof Dr Daniel Eggerath.
© Photo: MeSys
The MeSys management: Eva Knorr and Prof Dr Daniel Eggerath.

Especially the company's array systems enjoy great popularity. In contrast to traversing individual sensors, these have a large number of fixed sensors that enable almost 100 per cent measurement of the web product. This product is particularly popular in the field of battery production, as the measuring frame can also be used in wet areas and the adaptation of the wet layer (transverse and longitudinal profile) is carried out directly behind the coating unit even before drying.

New control and visualisation system

Another milestone was the changeover to a new control and visualisation system in order to set new standards, especially in the areas of software stability, error detection, interface flexibility and with regard to a customer-oriented user interface. "We switched to the new system at the right time and thus gained the possibility to connect to all MeSys plants worldwide. This enables us to provide the customer with fast and efficient assistance. Furthermore, measures were taken to enable the customer to carry out upgrades to the systems himself or to install the measuring frames with simple hand movements. This was first tested internally and is now being implemented internationally," explains managing director Prof Dr Daniel Eggerath, who joined the company in September.

Improving internal processes

Nevertheless, 2020 was marked by many challenges. MeSys GmbH has used this time to further improve its internal processes. "The pandemic created many spaces in the past year due to travel restrictions and other requirements, which we used to optimise our structures. Our processes are now more efficient, which has a positive effect on the entire way of working at MeSys. And last but not least, our customers also benefit from these optimisations," sums up the operative managing director.