Launch of the versatile Fife DSE-45 Digital Wideband Sensor

29.07.2020 Maxcess (Oak Brook, Illinois), a leader in innovative products and services for web handling applications, unveiled the Fife DSE-45 Digital Wideband Sensor.

Maxcess expands its Industry 4.0 digital sensor lineup.
© Photo: Maxcess
Maxcess expands its Industry 4.0 digital sensor lineup.

Ideal for applications with variable web widths, the DSE-45 is able to sense multiple webs and web width changes without requiring manual or automated repositioning, increasing uptime, line speed and profits.

Expanding the digital sensor lineup

“The DSE-45 continues to expand our Industry 4.0 digital sensor lineup, offering a versatile solution for variable web width applications without the need to reposition or change sensors,” said Darren Irons, global product manager for Fife Guiding. “It also offers the ability to sense up to 16 web edges at one time, allowing a customer to use one sensor where multiple sensors would typically be required.”

Operation in harsh environments

Offering IP65 protection and backward compatibility, the DSE-45 is able to operate in harsher environments using existing mounting and cable systems, while eliminating the need to remove it for machine washdowns. Due to its digital Industry 4.0 connectivity and superior resolution and accuracy, it offers the ability to alert the operators to faults, allowing them to make corrections without the need to stop the line, increasing throughput and line speed while decreasing downtime.