Remote service solves problems from home

16.12.2020 The Corona crisis still has the world, and with it the industry, firmly in its grip. With a global second wave, business travel is now becoming more difficult again after an improvement in the summer. But even with borders closed, companies depend on their production to keep running smoothly.

Service technician Christopher Cetto solves problems via remote service.
© Photo: Mahlo
Service technician Christopher Cetto solves problems via remote service.

Machine downtime in particular must be avoided, because it means losses at an already critical time. With the remote maintenance service of Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG (Saal a.D. Donau, Germany), customers of the German machine builder have a partner with whom they can get quick help at any time – even without technicians on site.

Central point of contact

With guaranteed accessibility and concentrated expert knowledge, the machine builder's service centre is the central point of contact for remotely assessing the condition of the Mahlo system, locating errors, updating software or performing data backups. Whether Europe, Asia, Australia or America: the team is virtually on duty worldwide. And not just since Corona. Since 2005, remote control software has been installed as standard on all delivered Mahlo systems to provide fast and uncomplicated access to the system. This allows software problems to be fixed without the need for a technician to travel to the site. With the current travel restrictions, this service is now being used more frequently.

To solve a problem quickly, Mahlo's experts work hand in hand with the company's specialists. After a hardware defect at a customer's site, for example, the person responsible was able to replace and connect the defective component on site. Mahlo then updated and configured the software so that it was compatible again. The service team is only satisfied when all faults have been eliminated – regardless of whether the operation takes five minutes or several hours. 

An advantage not only during Corona

However, the remote service does not only bring advantages for customers in the case of Corona-related restrictions. The general conclusion is: shorter downtime at lower costs. This is because the machine builder's team can respond more quickly to emergency calls – especially in the case of operating problems – if a technician does not have to travel to the site first. This also results in a lower financial burden for the customer, as no travel costs are incurred. If, despite everything, a call-out to the factory is necessary, the missions can be better prepared with online fault diagnosis. The risk that a service job cannot be completed because a spare part is missing, for example, is thus minimised.

In order to meet the needs of all customers as well as possible, the remote service runs not only via the Mahlo headquarters in Germany, but also via the global service partners, in order to circumvent language barriers or time differences, for example.