Surface treatment methods and the effectiveness of extraction systems

18.05.2020 Since March this year, V.I.T. PapierMaschinen-Service GmbH has been representing the Swiss company Hildebrand Technology with tailor-made solutions for dust removal for various applications, especially on paper machines. The systems are suitable for all kinds of materials – for large and small dust quantities as well as for slow and high substrate speed.

Hildebrand's iONstream 4.0.
© Photo: Hildebrand Technology
Hildebrand's iONstream 4.0.

Surface treatment processes and the effectiveness of extraction systems have the greatest influence on the cleanliness of surfaces in the paper industry. Loose fibres, dust and microparticles can severely disturb the paper quality both in the process and for end users. Static electricity generated by movement of the substrate attracts particles like a magnet. The elimination of such particles is an essential factor for high-quality end products.

Dust removal and anti-static

Hildebrand Technology is a leader in surface dedusting and electrostatic charging and discharging of moving webs and sheets of various materials. With many years of know-how and international experience in fluid dynamics, vacuum technology and electrostatics, Hildebrand has developed revolutionary technologies:

1. Web cleaning systems for surface dedusting:

The non-contact dedusting system cleans the substrate surface by means of vacuum air flow. A "turnkey" cleaning system is offered which combines the latest findings in aerodynamic flow technology with electrostatic discharge.

2. Cutting dust extraction for dust-free cutting for longitudinal cutting systems:

This special suction system combines aerodynamic flow technology with electrostatic discharge of the substrate before the cutting process in order to suck off the accumulated cutting dust directly at the longitudinal knife. In the specially designed extraction hood, the air is moved laminar at high speed in a certain direction when it reaches certain profile shapes in order to extract the smallest particles.

3. Ionisation systems for electrostatic charging and discharging:

The electrostatic charging system is the latest generation in which the high voltage module is integrated in the charging bar. There is no need to lay high-voltage lines, a simple 24V DC supply voltage for the charging bars is sufficient. High-voltage values are set directly on the bar via a programming button. The electrostatic high-performance discharge system combines the latest 24V DC system technology and is microprocessor-controlled. A specially developed AUTO mode detects the polarity of the charge on the substrate surface and adjusts the plus/pause ratio perfectly to the conditions. All components are integrated in the electrode profile. 

Well-known customers

Hildebrand Technology's long-standing customers include well-known international companies such as Arjo Wiggins, Stora Enso, Felix Schöller Group, Kimberley-Clark, Tesa Werke, Metsä Tissue Holding, Duni GmbH & Co KG, Bielomatik, Mann+Hummel and many more.

The V.I.T. PapierMaschinen-Service GmbH team offers technical support and service, troubleshooting, solution-oriented product advice from product selection to commissioning. In terms of application technology, V.I.T. sees great potential here. Because permanent optimisation of the machines brings highest efficiency and cost savings for the paper mills.

V.I.T. PapierMaschinen-Service GmbH represents, among others, V.I.T. Papertec AG as a full-range supplier of precision doctor shafts, doctor beds and all equipment for film presses and coaters such as pressure hoses, edge seals, sealing blades, CSD couplings or machine knives for winders. Hildebrand Technology and its products fit perfectly into the portfolio to improve paper machine efficiency and product quality.