Erhardt+Leimer and Nireco
High-tech companies open up new opportunities for growth in Asia

09.03.2021 The international Erhardt+Leimer group of companies with its head office near Augsburg, Germany, and the storied Japanese company Nireco with its head office in Tokyo have signed a cooperation agreement in early February.

From now on, E+L is collaborating with Nireco on the Japanese market.
© Photo: Erhardt+Leimer
From now on, E+L is collaborating with Nireco on the Japanese market.

In a first step, the new partnership is limited to selected industries, which are the printing, paper, film, hygiene and energy industries as well as battery, electronics and paper production. In the future, these selected industries will be provided with Erhardt+Leimer sensors, controllers and drives for web guiding, web tension control and web monitoring via the sales channels of the Nireco Corporation.

Combining core competences

It is the companies’ common goal to meet customer requirements in the Asian region, in particular in Japan, to an even greater extent than in the past by combining their core competences.

For Erhardt+Leimer the partnership does not at all signify a new entry in the Japanese market. The business relations of the company date back to the 1980s when Erhardt+Leimer first started to sell its products via a cooperation partner. Later, in the year 2000, E+L founded its own subsidiary with its head office in Yokohama.

The Japanese subsidiary remains an important component within the network of the E+L group of companies, but will focus more strongly on the industries not comprised in the cooperation agreement, which are the textiles, tire and rubber industries as well as corrugated cardboard production.

High quality requirements

“This new cooperation opens up enourmous possibilities for both companies. Those who know Japan and its high quality requirements for industrial products understand that combining the forces of Nireco and E+L will bring a strategic advantage in competition. Japan is one of the world’s biggest and most innovative national economies – achieving a strong position and utmost customer satisfaction in the Japanese market must be an integral part of a globalised company’s corporate strategy,” emphasises Dr Michael Proeller, CEO of the Erhardt+Leimer group of companies.

Erhardt+Leimer operates in various industries including the textiles, printing and film industries, paper and tyre manufacturing and the production of corrugated cardboard and batteries. Nireco manufactures products for the metal industry as well. In this market segment, Nireco and the US subsidiary of E+L have been cooperating in sales for several years now.