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Key Success factor for plastic film manufacturers – K 2022

21.09.2022 At the K 2022 tradeshow (booth A05 in hall 11), Dr. Schenk GmbH (Gräfelfing, Germany) will showcase optical inspection solutions for comprehensive automatic quality control of plastic films with daily live demonstrations.

EasyInspect from Dr. Schenk.
© Photo: Dr. Schenk GmbH
EasyInspect from Dr. Schenk.

Producers of high-quality plastic films face reconciliation of high quality, lower prices and time-to-market pressure. Plastic films for food packaging, medical applications, the renewable energy sector with foils for Li-batteries, fuel cells and films for organic solar modules (OPV), OLEDs, and many more share two characteristics: high quality requirements regarding the film materials and their complex layer configurations. Precise control of the production process is essential to optimise production costs. Inline quality control of the film properties using advanced automatic optical inspection systems such as EasyInspect and EasyMeasure from Dr. Schenk, is a key success factor for efficient process control.

What will Dr. Schenk show at K Show?

- How the same inspection solution used for detection and classification of defects can also monitor large-area properties of the film and low-contrast variations – without requiring additional hardware.

- Dr. Schenk high-speed cameras and extra-bright illuminations that are developed in-house and perfectly matched to each other to deliver defect images from multiple views (MIDA) – the basis for complete material analysis;

- MIDA X, a powerful AI-based defect segmentation and classification software that analyses every defect and its surroundings area for accurate, automatic classification and utmost accuracy of defect size determination;

- How the combination of the above with monitoring overall material properties ensure that e.g. coating layers are thick enough to perform their desired function but not thicker than necessary.

How do plastic film manufacturers benefit from Dr. Schenk inspection solutions?

- They can save expensive coating material by not applying more than necessary and excluding material that does not meet their quality standards from further processing.

- They can reduce material loss and time consumption during product changes

- They can ensure the functionality of their film by applying the exactly necessary amount of coating material.

- Quality data from a Dr. Schenk inspection solution creates a flexible, expandable basis from which to derive various strategies: process optimisation, machine service actions, and even supply administration – all complete with data for product planning and yield optimisation.

- Tool-to-tool matching capability helps manufacturers whenever their production is enlarged by delivering a system that is the same as the one they are already using; this makes ramp-up very efficient and minimises time and cost for staff training.