BST eltromat and SeeOne
Partnership agreement at K 2019

21.10.2019 BST eltromat International, a leading manufacturer of quality assurance systems in web-processing production processes, and SeeOne Vision Technology srl, a manufacturer of surface inspection systems headquartered in Florence, Italy, signed a partnership agreement at K 2019.

BST eltromat managing director Kristian Jünke (right) and Leandro Giovannoni from SeeOne sign the partnership agreement at K 2019.
© Photo: BST eltromat
BST eltromat managing director Kristian Jünke (right) and Leandro Giovannoni from SeeOne sign the partnership agreement at K 2019.

BST eltromat Italia, a 100% subsidiary of the BST Group, has been working with SeeOne for years on special surface inspection requirements. The excellent cooperation has now resulted in the partnership agreement, which was signed by BST eltromat managing director Kristian Jünke and Leandro Giovannoni, general manager of SeeOne, at the BST eltromat booth in Hall 4 (C34).

Producer of surface inspection systems

SeeOne has been developing and producing surface inspection systems for a variety of industries for over 30 years. Their product portfolio covers various applications from rewinders, slitters, blade coating machines, foil extruders or calenders, milling machines as well as various coating and application machines. The main product LINESCAN has a variety of uses in these cases, because its modular design allows the cameras and light sources to be adapted to the specific location and scenario. In addition, the surface inspection specialists design individual solutions for special customer requirements.

SeeOne's solutions detect various defects, e.g., insects, dirt, inclusions, holes in various materials such as foils, paper and cardboard as well as metallized foils, ideally complementing BST eltromat's product portfolio. “With SeeOne, we have gained an experienced partner for surface inspection. Together we can respond even more flexibly to the special challenges and individual requirements of our customers and support them more effectively in optimising their production processes,” says Jünke, welcoming the closer cooperation with the Italian company. Leandro Giovannoni from SeeOne also has high expectations of the partnership with BST eltromat: “With BST eltromat, we have a strong partner on our side with a worldwide sales network who will give us access to new markets. The worldwide presence of BST eltromat’s experts supports us in finding the perfect solutions for our customers’ quality assurance needs.”

Optimising production processes

The knowledge from surface inspection with SeeOne can be used in various ways to optimise production processes. At K, BST eltromat is exhibiting SeeOne's LINESCAN surface inspection system to show its customers in film extrusion the benefits of this additional component in quality assurance. The knowledge can have effects on the further converting of the foil, such as in printing. BST eltromat is demonstrating where the partnership can lead in the framework of its innovation management: "We're showing our customers what opportunities could result from the cooperation between BST eltromat and SeeOne in the future and how they can benefit from our work across all value-added chains,” says Jünke.