BST eltromat
Quality assurance at Etigraph Italia S.r.l.

25.09.2020 As a manufacturer of premium self-adhesive labels for wines and spirits, Etigraph Italia S.r.l. has to set the highest standards for its quality assurance. At the end of the 1990s, the company, founded in 1983 and currently employing about 70 people and based in Chions in north-east Italy, put a first web inspection system from BST eltromat into operation.

The high quality and breadth of the product range in combination with efficient services make BST eltromat an ideal partner for Etigraph Italia. In the picture (from left): Luigi Cesselli, Federico Zucchett and Roberto Maiocchi (BST eltromat Italia).
© Photo: BST eltromat
The high quality and breadth of the product range in combination with efficient services make BST eltromat an ideal partner for Etigraph Italia. In the picture (from left): Luigi Cesselli, Federico Zucchett and Roberto Maiocchi (BST eltromat Italia).

Today its 15 printing presses and eight slitters are all equipped with quality assurance systems from BST eltromat. Web guiding systems as well as systems for web monitoring and 100% inspection are used in all presses. In some printing presses, register and ink key controls are also integrated.

"The complexity of our production process and the need to accelerate and continuously optimise it have brought us to BST eltromat. The high quality and breadth of the product range in combination with the efficient services make BST eltromat an ideal partner for us," says Etigraph Italia president Luigi Cesselli.

The quality is 100% controlled

On its website Etigraph Italia documents its philosophy. It underlines the company's high demands on the quality and expressiveness of its products. "The label has its own soul. It must represent an added value for the product. The label must enhance and embellish the product." In addition, labels should reflect the thoughts that distinguish products. Cesselli: "Plain white labels with a clever personal touch can be more effective on some products than elaborate labels."

This makes it clear how complex Etigraph Italia's requirements are also in terms of quality assurance. For web inspection and 100 % inspection, for example, the company relies on various solutions from BST eltromat, with which it covers different economic and technical requirements. Cesselli: "We want to be able to guarantee our customers that we only supply them with 100% inspected labels."

Quality assurance in all details

Web guiding systems of the CompactGuide type from BST eltromat perfectly control the run of the label materials through all printing presses, winders and slitter rewinders at Etigraph Italia. This is the basis for the high quality of the company's products. The Compact Guide was developed by BST eltromat especially for use in narrow-web machines for the label industry, among others. The web guiding system with integrated control unit is available in six sizes and can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements.

The standard equipment of Etigraph Italia presses also includes POWERScope 5000 digital video monitoring systems, which are ideally suited for web inspection in label printing. The compactly designed system features a high image resolution and various options that offer machine operators a wide range of options for automatic monitoring of the printed label webs.

Two Gallus RCS 430 label printing presses with a very high degree of automation are also equipped with BST eltromat ink zone controls. In addition, Etigraph Italia has retrofitted a 100% inspection system for error detection in each of these presses in order to detect and eliminate errors and deviations from the target values at an early stage. BST eltromat offers video and inspection products especially developed for the narrow web and label industry in order to cover the manifold tasks of quality assurance in this market in the best possible way. The systems combine sophisticated technology with extensive functions including powerful software for defect management.

In its rewinders, Etigraph Italia has been using systems from BST eltromat for 100% inspection since 2009. The newer machines are equipped with both SHARK 4000 LEX and TubeScan digital strobe systems of the latest generation. These systems from Nyquist Systems combine powerful area scan cameras with the stroboscope principle and enable reliable quality control, for example in the packaging of labels. They reliably detect, for example, faulty labels, grid residues and missing printing inks even on reflective and metallised surfaces. Nyquist Systems is part of the BST group of companies.

Finally, Etigraph Italia has had two of its printing presses equipped with the AR 4000 register controller from BST eltromat. "With the AR 4000 we have reduced makeready times and waste on these presses," says Zucchett, summing up the benefits which came immediately after commissioning. The compact AR 4000 is a precision solution from BST eltromat especially for label printing machines.

"The reliability of the BST eltromat systems contributes significantly to the fact that we can promise our customers fast and efficient production of their self-adhesive labels," says Zucchett. Another important factor for the company is the constantly increasing ease of operation of the technology. "With their intuitive user interface, the BST eltromat systems can be set up even faster and are even easier to operate."

Investments pay off quickly

"Thanks to the performance and reliability of the technology, our investments in the systems from BST eltromat have always paid for themselves quickly so far." Cesselli certifies the company an attractive price-performance ratio. BST eltromat knows the requirements of the industry very well and will always competently support Etigraph Italia with its well-founded practical know-how, among other things in the integration of quality assurance systems and the automation of individual process steps. Especially in challenging situations the company can rely on fast and flexible reactions on the part of BST eltromat Italia. Predictable quality, stable production with little waste, highest reliability and state-of-the-art technology that makes an impression on customers – quality assurance supports the strong competitive position of Etigraph Italia in many ways.