BST eltromat
New managing director appointed

29.06.2020 As of 1 June 2020, Jörg Westphal (52) has been promoted to the position of managing director of BST eltromat, where he is responsible for service, sales and marketing. The graduate industrial engineer manages the business of the group of companies together with Dr Jürgen Dillmann, who has been responsible for the technology division since 1 June 2018.

On 1 June 2020, Jörg Westphal was promoted to the management of BST eltromat.
© Photo: BST eltromat
On 1 June 2020, Jörg Westphal was promoted to the management of BST eltromat.

Westphal has many years of practical experience as well as extensive experience in managing medium-sized companies and their international sales organisations. Most recently he was responsible for the business of EAE Engineering Automation Electronics GmbH in Ahrensburg near Hamburg.

Responsibility for sales and marketing

On 1 July 2019 Westphal joined BST eltromat as the new service manager. As managing director he will also take over the responsibility for sales and marketing of the group of companies. "In the printing, packaging, plastics and nonwoven industry BST eltromat has earned an excellent reputation as a leading supplier of very high quality assurance systems over decades. In addition, the company has a strong international orientation with its very efficient global sales and service network as well as its production sites on other continents for the local markets. Both of these form a solid basis for success in other industries with web processing production processes, which I would like to help drive forward," Westphal said, looking ahead to the future. "At present this applies to the battery industry, among others, which poses very high demands on the quality, reliability and networking of its processes. With our broad knowledge and our comprehensive practical experience, we want to become the preferred partner for machine manufacturers in this industry in all aspects of quality assurance.”

Westphal sees growth potential for the group in various industries. "We will make use of our comprehensive practical know-how, penetrate other industries through diversification and thus open up new markets for the future. At the same time we want to secure and further expand our market leadership in our core markets," the new managing director announced.

Focus on holistic solutions

In the future, the company will focus even more strongly on the development of holistic solutions that are consistently geared to market requirements. Westphal: "In doing so, we are specifically involving industrial partners in order to round off our portfolio and generate added value for our customers." In addition, BST eltromat will increasingly focus on IoT and industry 4.0-based processes. The company is working intensively on further increasing its service quality and intends to offer customers flexible options to conclude different service level agreements with the group of companies.

Kristian Jünke, who managed the business of BST eltromat together with Dillmann in the past years, is leaving the group of companies to take on other tasks.