Connected solutions for resource-saving production at K 2022

06.09.2022 Future-oriented quality assurance and process optimisation for the entire plastics lifecycle – this is the motto under which BST GmbH (Bielefeld, Germany) will be presenting its quality-assurance solutions especially for web-processing in the plastics and rubber industry at K 2022 in Düsseldorf from 19 to 26 October.

The iPQ-SurfaceFILM for plastic films promises intuitive operation and excellent results.
© Photo: BST
The iPQ-SurfaceFILM for plastic films promises intuitive operation and excellent results.

The systems optimise the required use of resources in the production of flexible packaging and thus make a decisive contribution to climate protection.

New surface inspection system

“For the first time, we are presenting our iPQ-SurfaceFILM surface inspection system at K 2022 as an application specifically for plastics and films. It is particularly characterised by the newly developed intuitive operating concept as well as a unique price-performance ratio,” says Sajid Malik, global sales director at BST. In Hall 4, Stand C44, the company will be presenting the iPQ-Surface surface inspection system, which is optimised for processing films, as well as multi-layered solutions for quality assurance of printed materials and web guiding systems with variable sensor technology and maximum precision. With SMARTData, BST will also be demonstrating the possibilities of open-interface digitisation of production processes. SMARTData enables the collection, analysis and processing of quality-relevant data beyond any process limits. In this way, BST provides clear answers to central problems of the circular economy and explains on the spot how they relate to quality, efficiency and cost optimisation.

“Impending supply shortages of raw materials and the current energy crisis are putting considerable pressure on the industry. With our range of solutions, we support companies in achieving high quality as well as low reject rates while fully utilising machine speeds. Our intelligently networked solutions increase overall equipment effectiveness and reduce total cost of ownership,” says Malik.

Surface inspection for reliable quality in material production

Temperature fluctuations in the extrusion process or external influences can, for example, cause the film produced to have material defects. With the BST surface inspection system iPQ-SurfaceFILM, quality deviations are reliably detected and documented with positional accuracy. This quality data can be used for downstream processes, such as the rejection of defects. The software offers numerous interfaces for easy integration into Industry 4.0 environments and thus contributes directly to process improvement.

In addition, various quality assurance solutions for the further processing of plastic materials can be experienced at the BST stand. The iPQ-Center precisely combines hardware and software components on an intuitive multi-touch interface, so that the gesture control that many smartphone feature offers central access to all functions of digital web monitoring and inspection – from zooming to the selection of image areas and the view of the entire web width to the determination of measuring points for spectral colour measurement. In this way, the BST system delivers the highest quality assurance in the printing process and maximum user-friendliness at the same time.

Unique solutions for web guiding

If it is not possible to control via the web edge, an extra printed control line is often required at the edge of the material, which is later cut off. The camera-based CLS CAM 100 sensor from BST avoids this waste: the sensor controls the web directly according to objects or motifs in the printed image. This means that the control accuracy is precisely maintained even with possible fluctuations in web tension – and even at the highest web speeds. In this way, BST systems ensure process reliability and the optimum quality of the end product. Less waste or offcuts thus not only lead to higher economic efficiency, but also to more sustainability in production. And because time is money, the products have been designed to be intuitive and quick to set up – minimal set-up and downtimes create more space for value-adding activities.

In addition to the CLS CAM 100, BST is presenting the FRAMEGuide, a rotary frame with maximum control accuracy and a distinctive design. FRAMEGuide is the only web guide on the market with the lowest possible overall height. This means that it can also be optimally integrated into narrow machine layouts. The FRAMEGuide can be used for all installation positions and web guides.

SMARTData: seamless quality documentation and forward-looking process optimisation

“With SMARTData, we provide seamless, cross-process and position-accurate quality data mapping from different processes. You can think of it as a digital routing slip on which all quality data for all processes are documented,” explains Malik. But in addition to the precise documentation of the manufacturing process, the system also brings enormous advantages for production efficiency: Thanks to the positionally accurate data assignment, rejects can be detected early and removed from the production line in a targeted manner. In this way, subsequent production processes are only supplied with flawless materials and the basis for exclusively high-quality products is created. This is a decisive parameter for reducing the total plant costs. SMARTData optimises processes and makes a valuable contribution to predictive machine and component maintenance.