Bathroom accessories become film stars

18.02.2022 Two left hands, no drill at home, tiles must not be damaged: Anyone who wants to redecorate or beautify their bathroom often gets nowhere without heavy equipment or help from a handyman. tesa now wants to change that. The new bathroom accessories with Power.Kit technology can be attached without drilling. On 21 February, a nationwide TV campaign starts in Germany, which the company has realised with its lead agency Kolle Rebbe.

The tesa advertising campaign will start at the end of February.
© Photo: tesa SE
The tesa advertising campaign will start at the end of February.

In the 30-second spot, which will be shown until the beginning of April, toothbrushes, towels and hairdryers come to life and look forward to a new home on chic shelves and practical holders. From towel holders to toilet paper roll holders, toilet brush sets, glass shelves, shower baskets, and shower rods in a wide variety of designs and versions, tesa offers a broad range of products – almost everything that belongs in the bathroom.

Fast and reliable fastening

In 2017, tesa acquired the Hanau-based company "nie wieder bohren" (never drill again) and with it the so-called Power.Kit technology, which can be used to fasten objects quickly and reliably.

"tesa has always been a brand that is constantly evolving thanks to surprising new innovations. With this campaign, we want to introduce viewers to our new products in an inspiring way," explains Consumer board member Dr Andreas Mack.

Raising awareness

"Since bathroom accessories are rarely bought spontaneously and tesa as a brand is not associated with bathroom accessories in Europe, this campaign serves to significantly increase awareness of the products and thus also of our technology in this area," adds Ben Arne Ruthenbeck, director international marketing, Consumer & Craftsmen.